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                About us

                About us

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                   Qingdao jinlian copper industry co., LTD. (formerly Qingdao copper smelter), founded in 1986, is specializing in the production of copper and aluminum products of old enterprises. Company is located in the beautiful coast of the yellow sea - jiaozhou bay, land, sea and air traffic developed, in and out of convenience. Company's existing assets of 60.8 million yuan, the staff 60.8 million people, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, is set casting, extrusion, stretching, moulding and processing in an integrated production enterprises, is a national medium-sized a enterprise, Qingdao in shandong province star enterprise, advanced enterprise, member of Chinese chlor-alkali association. 


                    Main equipment, 800 tons, 500 tons of copper and aluminum extrusion machine; More than 330, 457, 500, 457 rolling mill, large LvPai casting assembly line, copper, aluminum bus transition, pressure welding machine production line for each one, an annual production capacity of 8000 tons. In January, 2009, our company introduced TJ400 copper continuous extrusion machine and another 50 t hydraulic drawbench equipment, annual production of up to 6000 tons.

                    At present, our company is the only comprehensive production large soft connection transition copper, aluminum, copper, aluminum, pressure welding soft connection and large copper aluminum busbar and small copper platoon of production enterprises. The main products are copper aluminum busbar, copper aluminum tubes, rods and copper aluminum transition joints, copper aluminum soft belt joint, etc. 10 series more than 1000 varieties. Quality has reached the international level, the products sell like hot cakes in 21 provinces and cities, love deeply the user high praise.